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Für eine Ausstellung, bei der es um “den Prozess” ging, habe ich den Prozess der Oberflächengestaltung etwas variiert. Ich wollte den natürlichen Prozessen Raum geben, die zu bestimmten Formen und Strukturen führen. Nachdem ich das schwarze Objekt frei geformt hatte, bin ich damit spazieren gegangen und habe es mit gewisser Vorsicht über den Boden gestoßen. Die verschiedenen Untergründe und die Dauer bzw. Länge der Strecke haben die Oberfläche ganz unterschiedlich


Abyss is another Object where I worked with the close combination of hot and coldworking techniques. In the beginning there was a little sketch that followed just a short idea. The body is blown, hollow with black inside and it was given the rough shape while hot. With coldworking i refined the shape. The title “Abyss” comes from the depth that the viewer sees when looking through the black polished


This object continues my experiments with black glass and cutting techniques. The blown shape I refined by coldworking it and half of the piece has an intense structure like the ones you get from the cutting wheels. The title comes from looking at the piece from the round side where you can see a clear ring around it. I made two objects with that title, a small one and big


This Object was the first that I made after Inspirations from Franz X. Hoeller, a great german artist. It was very enjoyable to see the rough shape, that this object had after it came out from the annealer, get finer and finer. during that process I was always searching for the right shape especially for the details and even more for the right texture. It was difficult to find the


The murrine or millefiori technique is one of the oldest and it offers vast possibilities. First you pull canes with an inside pattern. These canes get broken into small slices and, arranged to a bigger pattern, can be rolled up on a blowpipe to become blown and shaped further. I try to find new applications, at least new to me for the design of the murrine and the whole object.


I wanted to be especially minimalistic with this object and create something, where it is only about the essentials, a good and pure shape and polar contrasts. All this only comes to life with utmost perfection during the execution. THis applies mainly for the polished part where no scratch or impurity shall disturb. The object is blown and got its final shape through coldworking. “monolith”, 2015, 38 x 15 x


These three Objects are clearly inspired by Dante Marioni and Napoleone Martinuzzi. I wanted to create shapes that are well proportioned and go together with the applications or handles. They have been sold to a private person. “Oranges”, 2014, max. 40 cm high, diam. ca. 18 cm, glass, free blown and shaped, assembled


The reticello technique is a fairly old one and certainly the most challenging and intricate way to incorporate a net pattern into glass. First I pull canes with colour inside, roll them up in two steps and blow them into each other. You get the net pattern and in each square there should be a bubble. This way you get a very symmetrical and complex pattern. With this technique it