For this series I wanted to use the incalmo technique with which you get a straight line between two coloured areas. So these tumbler are put together form a clear and a coloured bubble. The idea for these glasses came from the colour combination with whiskey or other beverages and the coloured rim. Whiskey, 2007 – today, 9 x 9 x 9 cm, glass, free blown and assembled, cut


The title of this series, which means “to practise” is also the reason for it: I started with these bowls because I wanted to practise the shape. It is a good challenge for a glass maker to make that shape and give it really string shape but also to make it thin or delicate enough. All the bowls have a foot. I also played and tried with the colours to


This series I designed together with customers who couldn’t find the right wine glasses. Basically I just set a tumbler on top of a stem and foot. We were lokking for a reduced design with traditional elements like the optical pattern and the coloured lip. The gold ruby corresponds interestingly with red wine. All glasses are not cold worked and will be signed for sale. Twist 2011 – today, hight


These glasses are a collaboration between my wife Liisi and me and are based on her idea. The inspiration came from the squary glass corners which are made from coloured glass and cut or engraved with various patterns. They can be found in many houses from the last turn of the century. Liisi engraved the little squares with the patterns and later we put them on the hot glass and


Anläßlich einer Ausschreibung des Handwerksmuseums Deggendorf zum Thema “Löffel” habe ich mich mit den Formen beschäftigt, die einen Löffel ausmachen. Aus dem Spiel damit sind vier verschiedene Ansätze hervorgegangen, bei denen die Funktionalität nicht so im Vordergrund steht. 2014 variabel Glas, frei geformt und geblasen, gesägt und geschliffen, teilweise poliert