For this piece I first made myself tubes and cones with white inside overlay. These were then cut and ground so they fit exactly and finally glued. I made sketches before I started but the final position and shape developed during the making process. composition 2014 55 x 160 x 40 cm, glass, free blown, cut, ground, glued and assembled

green drops

Drops is a sculpture for outside areas and looks best if it is standing on a wide lawn. In the beginning they were only 10 elements, now its 35 in two green tones. They are all mounted on metal rods and up to 170 cm long. “Drops”, 2013 – 2017, ca. 2 x 2 m, 170 cm high, glass, free blown, mounted on metal rods


“iseloomad”, this title is a word game form the estonian language: Iseloom is the estonian word for character and literally means self animal. I made these the first time during a glass symposium in Haapsalu in Estonia so the title is estonian. Since that I created a series with that varying the Shapes, colours, sizes, numbers of wooden rods and numbers of objects per Installation. They can be put up

light drops

This installation I also made during the symposium in Haapsalu in Estonia. These eight drops are just hanging under the spot lights that were installed for a different exhibition at that time. The very special glass quality there with many small bubbles, streaks and even dirt creates a very beautiful Installation with rather simple and unpretentious elements. “light rops”, 2013, ca. 250 x 250 cm, glass, free blown, assembled with


This installation for outside wants to contrast with the surrounding nature, at the same time it is organic by itself with all the different shapes and sizes. They are all mounted on metal rods that are in the ground. The amount of elements is 52 and this Installation is part of the vast collection of the Ernsting Foundation in Coesfeld Lette in Germany and can be seen just in front


I made this Installation originally for outside where it was shown first. It was supposed to become a small city from black vessels that are just standing in the grass. In the end they were 150 different vessels and it was a wonderful playground for all kinds of shapes and techniques. I set up this Installation in many different exhibitions, inside, outside, on large tables, simple pedestals, on sand. Every