Project Description

I came across these glases more by coincidence and I was immediatetly drawn to them because they in my opinion have some of the best proportions I have seen in wineglasses so far. They were designed as a series of seven different glasses under the name "Aegir" by Peter Behrens, probably around 1905 and were executed by the "Rheinische Glashütten AG" in Cologne. These glasses are very difficult to produce and the few Examples I have seen in museums so far all had an extreme high quality about them. They were made with ruby red or clear stem and without engraving as well. I plan to set up a small series with replicas of these glasses also together with some of the others from that series.

Aegir, 2015 until today, 24 x 10 x 10 cm, glass, moldblown, assembled, cut and polished, engraved

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Torsten Rötzsch

Project Date:

8. February 2019