On the site of the Gernheim Glassworks they found parts of a candleholder which made a nearly complete reconstruction possible. We tried to get the same colour as the original. It is not known wether they were produced as a series or as special prototype. They were supposedly made during the second half of the 19th century. All parts we made free blown and shaped at the furnace and assembled

certain periods

The look back in history is always inspiring and teaching me somethin. I find it difficult to focus on certain periods or historical subjects and rather want try as many different techniques from younger and older history to learn and try and one day to be able to reproduce historical objcects in a similar quality, if needed.


I came across these glases more by coincidence and I was immediatetly drawn to them because they in my opinion have some of the best proportions I have seen in wineglasses so far. They were designed as a series of seven different glasses under the name “Aegir” by Peter Behrens, probably around 1905 and were executed by the “Rheinische Glashütten AG” in Cologne. These glasses are very difficult to produce