Project Description

This project combines two passions of mine: one is glass blowing, the other is to play drums. There are plenty of different materials from which drums are built and all bring certain sounds with them. I was curious to hear whether glass creates a special sound if I would build a drum shell from it. There were several experiments necessary to find the right construction which would allow to tune both skins separately and to install all the a´hardware for the snare strainer. The drums that came out do sound very beautiful and allow a broad variety of tunings, they are very sensitive. But they are also loud and powerful. I could not find a specific glass soud so far but since these drums are built after the "Free Floating" principle were no part is connected to the shell they come up with various sound properties.
I would like to experiment further with different sizes and wall thicknesses for the shells. This project is important for me because I see many common things between making music and making glass.

Time architecture, 2014 - today, 14" x 6", glass, mold blown, cut and assembled

Project Details


Project Date:

13. March 2019