Venetian Blinds

The first object I made for the exhibition “200 years Gernheim Glassworks” in 2012. It deals with the period during which they produced flat glass in this factory. My aim was to put the precious reticello technique in a new context and so I replaced the old window glass with new reticello glasses. The window frame I found on the site of the Glasfactory and restaurated it. Later I made


This project combines two passions of mine: one is glass blowing, the other is to play drums. There are plenty of different materials from which drums are built and all bring certain sounds with them. I was curious to hear whether glass creates a special sound if I would build a drum shell from it. There were several experiments necessary to find the right construction which would allow to tune


The series on the pictures shall only be the begining of an ongoing research. The inspiration for these objects comes from Luciano Vistosis works. It takes a big team of four to six people to make these and they all have to come together in the right moment to give the piece its final shape in almost one move. There are not many places where this is possible alos in

carpe diem

This installation I see as a project because I would like to continue working on it – ideally a venetian goblet every day. The selection on the pictures I put together for an exhibition as baroque theater with the title “carpe diem”. The opluence of hisorical venetian goblet is an endless source for inspirations and would like to let this installation grow bigger.